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If you are interested in Advanced Spanish, the following applies to you...

"Language is a political institution: those who are wise in its ways, capable of using it to shape and serve important personal and social goals, will be the ones who are "empowered": able, that is, not merely to participate effectively in the world, but able also to act upon it, in the sense that they can strive for significant social change." (Frances Christie, 1989)

If you're in a hurry, here are some other resources (books and multimedia) for Advanced Spanish here!

I thought this would be useful to you. It can search starting with and English word, or starting with a Spanish word.

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If you're ready to get serious about greatly improving your Spanish, there are excellent courses that incorporate the latest tecnology of language learning. They are interactive and engaging. We have selected a varied selection of the best for our review.

Here are some excellent, effective, professionally developed Courses of Spanish.

Is there a "best" way to perfect your Spanish?
It depends on your particular approach to learning.

"ĦDe gustos y sabores, se callan los autores!" (Different strokes for different folks!)

There are a lot of different ways to take your Spanish to a higher level.

  • Some people complain, "I studied Spanish... but they talk too fast!"

  • There are people who may have studied a foreign language (including Spanish) many years ago who can benefit from learning a language's structure and categories.

  • Other people have no problem launching out to speak a foreign language after just a few weeks of study; they don't worry about the errors they make. On the other hand others are afraid to speak.

  • And there are also people that have to learn in an interpersonal context through conversation.

  • Many other people find it helpful to concentrate on certain "sub-programs", the solutions to certain conversational needs that that they come across, such as expressing "what if" situations.

All these people have different strengths and weaknesses in their learning of Spanish and should tackle Spanish according to their own personal bent. To learn more of the learning styles for Advanced Students of Spanish it will be useful to review the characteristics of these approaches to Spanish" .

Although there are real differences among learners, there are two activities that will help everyone, no matter what their learning style: Passive listening and Pattern Response Drills. To learn more of these powerful aids to language learning click here!

The advanced students might want to see some jokes in Spanish. It's a good way to learn, even though they may be corny or not very funny. If they get you mad because they are stupid, that means they worked, if not as jokes, at least as Spanish learning aids!. click here for jokes

Do you want to return to the home page of Books ON Spanish? From there, beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of Spanish can look for help at their level.

Or do you want to see our books IN Spanish? You will find books on health, the family, self help, literature, etc. and the possibility to search for any other topic.

For those books and multimedia for "Advanced Spanish" that we promised you. try here!
Read news in Spanish from the BBC. Also listen to Latinamerican Spanish!
If you're ready to get serious about perfecting your Spanish, there are excellent courses that incorporate the latest tecnology of language learning. They are interactive and engaging. We have selected a varied selection of the best for our review. Check out the Advanced Spanish here!

Here are some jokes in Spanish. They are generated automatically. Some of them may be in poor taste. Also, some of them are based on the very personal political and ideological views of their authors. They are not "official" views of this page.

Mejoreschistes.com - Chistes, Bromas y Humor
Mejoreschistes.com - Chistes, Bromas y Humor

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You can test yourself in Spanish by going to any of the following sites. You can test yourself at beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. It is a good idea to take the tests at all three sites and tke an average of the results to have a better idea of your level.


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