Write English!

Help for the new English speaker and for the native born
Writing resources for personal growth and for professional tasks.

You can speak English pretty well. You can communicate verbally in English.
The next step is to be able to write well, write englishwrite well enough for your personal and professional needs.

Personally you need to be able to write to:

  • fill out insurance forms
  • fill out medical forms
  • write letters to your local newspaper to express your views and defend your rights
  • write personal letters

Professionally You have to:

  • write reports for your job
  • write proposals for loan applications
  • write resumes
  • write essays for college applications
  • write cover letters for job applications
  • and of course, personal and professional emails...

So get started!

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ESL and Adult Learners of English

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If you are using English as an adult, sooner or later you will have to write English. I know it is difficult to have the confidence to phrase a written sentence. You are afraid of your choice of words, of your grammar, of your spelling. But you must learn that the worst writing IS THE WRITING THAT YOU DON'T DO!

Before getting to a practical method of starting to write, the authorreviews basic grammar and spelling, followed by a look at style and usage.

This book will give the adult learner of English the confidence to write in English. The book is loaded with exercises and answers. It is also a reference book with useful lists of roots, suffixes and prefixes, common spelling errors, irregular verbs, basic vocabulary, common idioms, etc.

After the review of grammar the book achieves its final objective of inspiring the learner to write by presenting a simple method of organizing the content and process of composition.

All the content of the book is cross referenced with related topics and there is a complete index. These aids make it easy for you to find the information that you need.

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